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This show about Dr. Ira and his work on main streaming the idea behind death as being an embraceable life process and not one of failure of the body or medicine is a huge step for our society to accept.

Back decades ago, hospice wasn't even heard of. There were very few places that a person could die comfortably and without the feeling of abandonment. Dr. Ira worked on brining this old age way of thinking that death was a failure of the body and modern medicine and instead being a moment in life where one could reflect, rejoice and embrace the process before them.

I felt this is what is the ultimate goal in life; to die and be with your creator. That is the promise they give you no matter what you believe in. And if a person is spiritual, then the death process should be one of rejoicing and not of sorrow. But putting our human emotions in line with this idea is not only uncomfortable for the dying, but also for the living souls beside them.

We as a society have ingrained the importance of the physical world. We hang on to what we know and see. And even if we believe that there is happiness beyond, we still have sorrow of leaving our worldly things behind.