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Unfortunately death has been a part of my life (as I'm sure a lot of can say) a little more than I would have liked it to this point. I've seen some family members on hospice care and it is not an easy thing to watch your loved ones go through their last phase of life. I also find myself telling myself to hold the time I get with my loved ones more sacred, to really take the time and make it a point to enjoy the time I have with them. Spend more time saying Thank you or I love you so those people know how you feel instead of it just being interpreted because you are family. Unfortunately, and I have gotten better over the years at doing so, but I do find myself just going day by day not making it a point to make sure others know that I care.

I think we all can agree to this, but what this podcast cast was pointing out is that when something bad comes along, like a diagnosis, what really matters comes out and all that stuff on your iphone or blackberry takes a backseat (or anything else in the world). This is definitely true. When someone you care about so much is diagnosed or has something life threatening to them, nothing else in the world matters. All you want is more time with them, and for them to be okay. As the podcast states though, death is a part of life. Wanting more time is also a double edged sword too in a way; of course we are going to want more time, but we also really need to cherish this time so when death approaches our loved ones we know we spent all the time we could cherishing the moments we had.