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I listerned to the podcast '' Contemplating mortality'' and found it very interesting. I was really impressed by the words,ideas and thoughts of Dr. Ira. Death is one of the subjects that we tend to avoid even inevitable situations. I believe that Dr.Ira has a honarable and compassionate message to offer to humanity in general. I understood from the interview that death is not something easy we look forward to in times quiet introspection and self-assertion. No matter what I have done or who I was in this life,the moment, a time will eventually come when I will have to come to terms with the inevitable fact that I'm going to die.

One of the most interesting point was that there is no perfect example of a perfect relation in the history of our planet. We have hurt feelings and make mistakes inthis thing called life. Naturally,people will fight and grip tightly to life and all we have known,learned,experienced and loved. I personally think that people will benefit most from a society that is well educated,medical community and a spiritual community . I think that there could not be anything more compassionate and more supportive than the group of people I mentioned above. The most impressive part of this interview to me was how Dr.Ira's Ideas are applicable to every human being. When I look at human life and what separates us and makes us different, only chidbirth and death stands out as events that never get affected by their significance experiences,standards and circumstances of the human society. Lastly, I learnt that, death can be very horrifying but Dr.Ira reminds us that it doesn't have to be.