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A relative of mine had a beautiful death. She had fallen at age 88, and broken her hip. In the next two weeks she had two heart attacks, had gone to a nursing home and then back to the ICU unit, it was two weeks later. She had gotten the Last Rights and forgiveness.

On Thursday her cousin, a nun, and I had planned to go to visit her, but she called me and we went on Wednesday instead. We got there at 9:30 in the morning. Our other family members, that live closer, had been in and out, but none were there then. We said hello in her ear, and started to pray the Rosary. She was consious, but not able to respond, and knew we were there. At 9:35 the nurse came in to tell us she was dying.

I saw a man walk by, and he was the deacon, so he came in and we prayed around her. And in ten minutes she had died. As I stood by her bedside, I saw a light come through the wall on the left, it was if the wall wasn't there. It was the softest, gentlest light, and it lasted about two minutes. It was Mary and God taking her soul to Himself.

That is a good death.

'Death lays bare the spiritual condition of man' - very good. Those who fight God all their life have more trouble facing him at that moment.

St. Gianna Molla's life tells us that, to quote a biography, that 'there are joys and loves in life that are so strong that they persist and are stronger than suffering and death'.