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As one priest said, 'Who wants more of this?' We hope for a new heavens, and a new earth.

It will, but most of the world dies without medicine, most die the way the people around Mother Teresa died. And she helped them to die well. As one woman said to her, 'I've lived like an animal, but I'm going to die like a saint.' She was prepared for death.

After death, according to Catholic doctrine, one's soul leaves time and space and one stands before God and is judged in the particular judgement.

Philophy has been called the study of how to die well. So in saying we're not prepared for death is to say we're not a wise culture, and need to become more wise.

That's why God gave us AIDS, and illnesses: to bring us to truth.

(Those who kill the unborn or the aged are not pro-life.)

"My Kingdom is not of this world." Jesus.

Of course, as your guest states, we don't just blithely say that we look forward to heaven. We have to 'work out our salvation in fear and trembling'. That is, to prepare for death and judgement.