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What aout the elderly dieing with dementia, loosing who they are - how do we help them "die well"?

My mom is at the end stage, she is loosing her abilities to speak, to eat, how do I help her? Is it okay to talk about dieing with her? I do read to her, i tell her I love her, I see her as often as I can at her long term care home ....but as she declines....I am not sure how to help her "die well"

I have had a great sense of healing in my time with her in this stage of life, but as I see her becoming less and less connected I am not sure what to do, how can I help her at this stage? Perhaps just being there, holding her hand, reading, I am not do we address her dieing? Is it okay to talk about it? I don't want her to die without being at peace about it.