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Dear Ms Tippett, After listening today to "Contemplating Mortality," I am moved to express my deep gratitude to you for your show and to share two brief stories. I listened to the show on my way to my dad's 79th birthday party. Since he has been living with lung cancer for the last 2-1/2 years, it is a miracle that he is still with us. We are blessed that he is comfortable at home with my mom, thanks to the local hospice service. I arrived at the party early, to be with my two sisters and our parents before everyone else arrived. During that time, my mother told me of her own recent (and still unfolding) diagnosis of cancer. Your program has given me a feeling of peace and courage to face what's coming. I will share it w/ my sisters and brother � it contains so much wisdom and compassion. I particularly love the insight that dying isn't medical; it's personal. This will help me be present to them as they dance with the unknown. The other story is the origin of a phrase that came to me about your show a while back. I am an avid listener -- particularly enjoyed John O'Donohue, Joanna Macy, Thich Naht Hahn, Ellen Davis, and Sylvia Boorstein. I am an architect and years ago, a colleague related a field trip he took as a student to a small, exquisite Frank Lloyd Wright house that is now a museum. It's called the Pope-Leighey House. At that time, it was a private home, and my friend met the widow Mrs. Leighey who still lived there. She told him, "Living in this house has made me a better person." That's how I feel about your show. Listening to your show has made me a better person. I am always so impressed by the quality of the conversation and your preparation -- and your respect and love for your guests. Bless you. PS The photo is my family at Easter a couple of years ago. My son is now 10.