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I listened to the On Being interview Sunday June 10 and found it interesting until the section dealing with the reported negative impact upon the seas came up and was the major focus of Dr. Earl's comments. Why, 50 years ago the seas were less troubled, especially the Gulf of Mexico. I submit that California was in better shape 50 years ago as well compared with the way it is run today.
While our astronauts walked upon the surface of the Moon from 1969 to the mid 70s photographs of Earth were taken and the immensity of the waters came through loaud and clear. Mankind is egotistical to think that such vastness can be corrupted by our (capitalistic) activities. Dr. Earl admitted that we have explored a mere 5% of the ocean floors yet she made broadbrush statements about the impact of ocean industries.
She remarked about the impact on sea life of seismic surveys. I submit that this is a bogus argument. Staggered arrays of airgun sources of directed sound waves have little effect upon marine life. The calls of whales emit more noise than do seismic sources.
When she brought up the topic of the use of fossil fuels I concluded that this discussion was no more than what one hears from the Sierra Club or the EDF and I turned off the program.
I thought I would hear more about the sea life and the adaptive nature of creatures living at extreme depths. Instead I heard a Green message. What would she have to say about the closing of many farm lands in the breadbasket region of California in favor of a small delta fish? This example is a true impact of mankind causing an environmental problem.