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I'll be personalizing this comment a bit. I am a Unity Minister, and had the joyful experience of nearly jumping out of my skin in excitement the morning you had Dr. Sloan Wilson on your show. Driving to my church on Oct. 19, the first word I heard when turning on the "On Being" show was "evolution." How timely, for my lesson that Sunday was on evolution. And while I come from a different direction on the Nature of evolution, I'm convinced Dr. Sloan Wilson would be curious, and perhaps even mystified by the nature of my message.

I understand the basis of his inquiry starts from his role as an evolutionary biologist. The basis for my journey, stemming from my commitment to spiritual growth and awareness, is the evolution of consciousness. The perpetual evolving of mankind's consciousness is now far out weighing what we have seen in biological evolution. Through a path of conscious evolution, many are finding the need, and the opportunity to expand our awareness, our compassion, for mankind. The evolution of consciousness can be identified as manifested in evolving cultural memes that have pervaded humanity throughout our history. The Pro-social behaviors represent the out flowing of higher levels of consciousness that focus on more humanistic principles that reside in all of us.

A brief quote from Robert Brumet in "Birthing a Greater Reality- a Guide for Conscious Evolution-" "For the first 99.99 percent of humanity's time on earth, the greatest threat to existence came from the vagaries of nature.... But today the greatest threat to human existence is humanity itself. Of the many possible scenarios for our collective demise, most are the result of human behavior."

The same potentiality in consciousness of humanity that can bring us to a point of destruction is also now growing in looking for global solutions that will provide the solutions that will sustain life. The pro-social behaviors are examples of the evolution in consciousness of which I'm speaking. These are derived from the inherent good within us, and our expanding capacity to direct our awareness towards a world that works for all of us.

You might be interested in hosting a speaker on conscious evolution on one of your shows. For my part, I look forward to contacting Dr. Sloan Wilson directly.