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I love this piece and believe in it hardily. Sadly, this plan seems like a grand idea and the steps mirrors in ways steps that are being taken across the country. It becomes distorted when the private non-profits that form under the guise of community development act as NGOs in social engineering which is what we have in Baltimore. The development companies form these non-profits that take the steps you list but with a publically stated mission of making an underserved community into a middle-class community. While placing underserved on committees it is hard to see any honest contribution and the disparity in having people serve on committees as they design the existing people out is chilling. Charter schools being used as social engineering tools shake trust at all levels, creates conditions where police patrols are increased, off-duty police appear, and security cameras abound. In Baltimore, development plans actually state the number of underserved units that will be worked into the building phase as well as places in the upgraded schools. It is good to state that a development project can have the elements of which you outline and still not be a healthy neighborhood.