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Ms. Tippett, I was interested in the section of the Evolving City interview in which you discussed history from an evolutionary perspective. You said, "So part of it is taking the past seriously, right? ... this all makes up who we are. These are these layers upon which we're built." And the conversation goes on to talk about ancestors and history as a fossil record. I was struck that this closely resembles the understanding of time found in Germanic Heathenry. I am a Ph.D. student doing a dissertation on contemporary Germanic Heathenry, Asatru. Within this movement, time is understood as "orlog" - an accumulation of layers of actions, cultural, and history that then makes each of us who we are. In a sense, we carry the past around in us as a living fossil record. I'm wondering if you would be interested in a clip from one of my interviews with a practitioner of Germanic Heathenry discussing the concept of orlog? Could you use something like this for a future show perhaps?