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And is it better for employees when employers feel guilt or feel shame? The last sentence betrays something that I'd have thought a blog on being, community, ethical living, and the value of humanity would not want to reproduce: a serious class bias. Since when are we mostly concerned with how to get the most out of our workers? Why is that couched in anything but cold and calculating terms? Why celebrate employers' need to try to get workers to 'feel loyal (as Ford Pinto creators felt loyal to Ford, as Enron employees were loyal to their parent company, and as Firestone employees have felt loyal to their company even in the face of illegal but profitable practices) and work harder, especially now that most Americans are working longer hours than ever before (for lower pay per unit of work than they did in the 50s, 60s, 70, 80s. or 90s), feeling more anxious about their job, and pressured against taking time off?
I like your blog and was surprised and dismayed by this.