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i was sent a link to this video by

a relative, who got the link from another relative. i had just been telling them about my recent interest in the flashmob phenomenon, and my urge to join. (here in the u.s.) although the whole "scene" here seems to be loosely organized using the web, and i don't even own, or know how to operate, a smartphone, which seems to be required nowadays to co- ordinate events such as this. in "olden times", if your band practice was cancelled due to weather, you could dial the school, or listen to the radio for school closings. in the 1960's and 1970's, our version of flashmob was where a friend would call you on your home telephone, about a riot brewing downtown, you'd get in your bicycle, and in an hour, 3,000 kids would be running in the street throwing rocks at cops and being tear gassed. a slightly different and less- constructive type of mob that the one in this commercial! hopefully, modern kids will grow up believing that these are the only kinds of large organized gatherings, that ever went on, (musical performances, marriage proposals, etc.)