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Dear Krista,
Thank you very much to both; you & Mustafa. I have never done it! I downloaded the interview and heard it today.

The most constructive element he mentioned, as far as I am concerned, was regarding those the West loves to push as "Islam critics" such as A.Hirsi Ali and two turkish female lawyers here in Germany rendering them "Scholar Spermen" and giving them access to all existing media and galas.

No one DESTROYS better than them Mustafa´s, our efforts and will to reform muslim societies and Islam through a new reading of Islam. Glad, he also mentioned that the Florida/Coran ripper (Jones?) was the most quoted priest in Turkey...and elsewhere.

I have just come back from Algeria where people are WILLING and OPEN but live in the same bubble. They eat, drink the same things, refer to the same referents, breathe the same air and see the same sky. They need DIVERSITY and CONTACT!

Salam & Shukran again, Salim