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You sure have a soft spot for the Turks, here they are culturally bakslciding as they tear up Atatfcrk's design, and you think their problems are of foreign manufacture. It is Islamic Hate that is setting them against Israel, it's sectarian hate Sunni vs. Shiite in Syria, Iraq, and Iran that is driving the foreign policy there.I also think the Turkish military is not what it once was, thousands of their officers have resigned or been arrested, and those that remain are political animals not soldiers. Which reminds me of Iran after the fall of the Shah, when Iran was reduced to human wave attacks in the Iran Iraq war. If I was the Turks, I would avoid rattling a saber that was rusted tight in its scabbard. But, they are probably too ate up with the Islamic [idiots] to even recognize their weakness. I think there is a good chance of miscalculation in the region that leads to a war between nations. The competition to fill the powervacuume left by the US withdrawl, is just throwing fuel on the fire.