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It's been awhile since I read The Prophetic Imagination, but I remember Professor Brueggemann's writing about how the Kings in the Bible (e.g., Solomon re-enslaving some of the Israelites to build the Temple) and the tyrants and powers that rule and have ruled human societies, (and yes even today's American leaders/bankers/millionaires and billionaires) all would stifle the prophetic imagination; would have us think "this is the way it is, it can't be changed, this is the way the economy works, just accept your lot and don't try to change it, or to stop what we are doing." Brueggemann argues that the prophetic imagination is the imagination that we all are capable of, individually and working together, to imagine that things can be better, that we can challenge injustice and we can bring about a better life, a life that would be more the way that God created us to live. It is a wonderful book, and I plan to re-read it and invite some others in my parish to read it with me. Thanks for this program!