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First, let me thank you for your work. While I local npr station does not carry your program, I do support your work and catch all the programs online. I was a United Methodist minister for 27 years and only wish you had been around as a great resource. Walter Brueggemann is a long time favorite - my reading group just finished Prophetic Imagination. I have a suggestion. For me, the most important north american theologian still living is Douglas John Hall retired from McGill University. He lives in Montreal, studied at union with the greats, and has spent a lifetime working on a theology for north america. What made me think about him is his phrase that ministers today are "chaplains to the empire". I thought of that while Brueggemann was talking about why it is hard for minister to be prophetic. Halls work is extensive, accessible, and he is a wonderful human being. check him out!!! I think he would be a most engaging interview for you an d your listeners.