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Thank you David, I will look for that book. I too suspect there is an uleirtor motive behind the site in question. The guy I know who introduced me to the BoM had never been Mormon at all. So in a way, that made me more interested in reading it. Odd, I know.I think the spirit testifies of truth wherever it is found. So if someone truly seeks to know if the BoM is truly the word of God, I think if they ask sincerely then there is only one answer they can receive. The rest of it, such as the church, JS as prophet, and so forth, I don't see those necessarily tied inextricably together. Just as the divinity of the Bible does not necessarily equate or point to the Catholic Church being the one true church even if they were the custodians of the Bible for over a millenium.As for me, of course I am an LDS convert ofover 10 years. The missionaries I met up with were surprised to know that I already had read the BoM fully before ever contacting the Church. I do believe JS was a prophet but I can see how others would end up like the BoM witnesses even if I don't agree with such conclusions.I think the church is trying to appeal to people outside the missionary environment, with the BoM now. A couple years ago they published a hardback commercially distributed edition with a commercial publisher (Doubleday) and it sells in places like Walmart, Waldenbooks and Borders. I thought that was an interesting strategy to get the BoM out there. Imagine being able to pick up and flip through the pages of a Book of Mormon at Wal-Mart. Whodathunk it?