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Krista, I admire your openness in pursuing conversation even with those who seem to not value or even disdain spirituality and/or religion. There were aspects of this interview that reminded me of the one with Mario Livio. Both men vociferously denounce religion and spirituality. Yet, it seemed obvious to me, (and you), that both of these men were in denial about their own spiritual leanings. I think I heard in your voice an incredulity of this denial as the words were coming out of their mouths. Dr. Krauss was a bit of a bully when he talked over your objections to his own comments about the "meaning" of human life. The use of the word meaning, which he clearly related as he talked about raising children and working to make the world a better place for all, has nothing at all to do with the "how" of science. And when you pointed that out to him, he got pretty loud and changed the subject because he really didn't have a rational answer.

While I really admire and can identify with his love of science, I think Dr. Krauss needs to use that great rational mind of his to examine why he can't accept his own spirituality. Maybe it is because some people see God in a very limited and conventional way; an old, bearded man on a throne, passing down judgement. But, if they can do a bit of exploration and open up their hearts to a different concept of God, they might find that they actually do believe in a guiding, benevolent intelligence in the universe, and a meaning of human life, no matter how insignificant in the grand scheme of things.