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How can we be sure that the world seems to be falling apart at this time any more than it seemed to be falling apart 100 years ago or a thousand years ago. Could it be that what we have more of now is greater access to "the world falling apart" as entertainment? Could it be that in 100 years from now, there will simply be new ways for the world to seem to be falling apart?

I loved the talk about our need for ritual. I agree that my world is deficient in the kind of ritual that builds a sense of community and belonging to other people. My personal world has lots of ritual that gives me a sense of belonging to life. It varies with season, but right now it involves a lot of picking berries and pulling weeds, sometimes its cutting firewood, frequently it's interacting with the wife and kids; other times it's burning the wood and clearing snow. There's plenty of opportunities for practicing presence, attention and compassion in any activity.

A few times I thought that Joan was at a loss for words, then I realized that she was just pausing to stay present to herself. Wow, what an idea.
Krista and On Being staff, I hope you have a nice relaxing vacation coming soon. You've been busy.