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I'm so sorry for your loss, Barry. She seems to have been a truly generous prosen. It's also a mark of your capacity to love that you were able to nourish the relationship.I too have trouble with the platitudes of just breathe or just sit or open your heart having learned the hard way that an open heart can be an invitation to a trashing party!What stuck with me in this statement is the opportunity to encourage others to reach for what is possible and even for what may only seem impossible because of the mind of poverty the mind that says, Oh, this is all I'm good for/deserve. I think back to your encouragements when I first came on scene and how you fostered the mind of boundlessness in my efforts. That's where I place my mind in this moment to value your teachings.That being said, I like that the topic is troublesome. No other way to develop except by creating trouble to go through, eh? Your point of taking on the words of the teacher brings us to the ko-an of Gutei's finger. How do we truly embody the teachings so that all beings might benefit?