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Bruce, that feels comfortable for me. I thhguot of it as a state of grace too.ZDS, I'm glad you like the garden. Everything is in full bloom here! I am deliciously tangled in your word tangled and read something beautiful from Wendy Johnson's Gardening at the Dragon's Gate which hopefully I can post later this week or next. I can also work with the idea of being happy with with you have and feel it is not a closed system. May be because I've worked hard to challenge my feelings of unworthiness or I've been fortunate or it's blind luck that I can. That's very different from others who may feel impoverished through abuse and neglect where the mind of poverty is so deeply furrowed with negative self-judgements.I guess I'm thinking in terms of bodhisattva arms for them to fall into Helmut, you raise a tough point especially for me in my limited nature. I do see something wrong with the situation in Haiti and elsewhere. But I don't see it as outside the realm of Buddha Nature. Maybe I just don't get it