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Your "beautiful" and poignant story about what divides and what brings us back together made me think of a poem I had written while in Seminary. Anyway, here it is:

Ibrahim’s Broken Dream
Rick Folker

His withered hand sifts through the sand,

“My descendants are like
stars that have fallen, sand scattering into a
nameless lake ...

Something causes him to wake
some voices whispering,
"Remember Isaac, Remember the Knife.

Lillith-like women laughing
they torment him,
he sobs
the desert quakes.

Looking up, he thinks he sees Hagar

“Two beloved wives, now none….

In the hot Arab sun Isaac and Ishmael from afar
Phantoms who vanish
reaching, fighting, arguing for their star.

“Why have you left us bereft of
your dream, your wish
of shalom
sinking, stinking
in your wars?"

God is weeping in his musings, thanksgivings, desperate pleadings

“I would have them together….

He presses his ear to the earth
For an answer

The nightmare, the dream resumes...

My descendants are like a broken family
Without their mother,
Scattered like the sand,
Similar beneath the sun.

“Oh”, his last cry,
“That they might be one…”