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i grew up in a confessional church but did not come to christ there. I have many friends and family members who memorized Luther's catechism and others who were raised old school catholic. Neither category came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ until they "heard the gospel, believed, and were sealed with the Holy Spirit". Ephesians 1:13

There must be life before the food of catechesis can nourish the soul John Paul II did a great service to Christendom when he spoke to the need for a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. It is interesting to me that many of the greats in Church history came to Christ through hearing the word, believing and then going on to be catechized and baptized rather than the other way around. I just recently reread Benedict's thoughts in the Principles of Catholic theology on baptism and also what Jerome had to say about it in the Intervarsity ancient scripture commentary on Ephesians.