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How did this episode "demystify" Mormonism?

Here's a list of questions that would need to be asked of a practicing Mormon to "demystify" the religion:

1) There are over 70 prophets in the Mormon Church. All of these officials are men, and almost all of them are white. Would the Mormon Church ever select a woman to be in the Quorum of the Seventy?

2) A quick look at Wikipedia shows that Mormonism and Free Masonry were combined during Joseph Smith's time to create the secret rituals that are practiced in Mormon temples around the world. Not one Protestant denomination builds temples or practices these non-Christian rituals. Can you explain what these rituals are all about?

3) Many ex-Mormons have left the LDS Church because they felt that the culture was too oppressive and conformity was mandatory. Do you know any ex-Mormons? Do they have a point?

4) Can you tell us about Joseph Smith's attempts to translate the Book of Abraham and please explain why historians since the 19th century have said that Joseph Smith's translation is fraudulent. Is the Book of Abraham still used by the LDS Church today?

5) If the LDS Church continues to evolve, what essential parts of the Church will always remain? Is the First Presidency selected by God? Is Thomas Monson God's selected prophet for the world? For Mormons and non-Mormons?

6) Do you think there is a disconnect between the LDS members and their leaders high up in the Mormon Church?

Thank you.