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I teach in a Religions and Cultures department at a University in Northern Ontario, Canada. I love this podcast and listen to On Being everyday while I drive into work. I always end up inspired by something I've heard and so I share with my students. This year I decided to give my students a "podcast assignment" for my history of Christian Thought course (Reformation to the present day): they had to write a report on an On Being podcast that deals with Christianity and modern culture. The assignments were wonderful and inspiring. And this particular podcast on A School of Life for Atheists was the most popular choice! The students loved it. What struck me the most is how well the students did on these assignments...their grades were higher, they were more engaged with the material than I'd witnessed in their essays where they were working with written texts. While I'm not one who readily embraces technology in the classroom, this experience gave me pause. Listening, and hearing the ideas seemed to affect the students differently. All of them have said that they will listen to more of these podcasts. Now I'm considering how I might integrate podcasts into my honours seminar next year. I must say, I love the prospect of my summer research including listening to On Being!