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Pelikan was a great man. Yes, atheists have a creed, an atheistic creed. Let's hope they remain open to God.

Here you are incorrect: atheism is a dead-end. It won't develop. It has no answer to death or life's problems, and no power to solve them. You are certainly welcome to the wisdom of religion in these areas to address them.

God loves atheists too. Atheists do have souls because every human being has a soul, like it or not. It's not 'the deeper sides' but is the immaterial part - the intellect, free will, memory, etc.

When the soldiers came to John the Baptist and asked what they should do, he told them to be content with their pay, avoid serious moral evil, etc. To an atheist one would say the same: just live a moral life, and even without belief you can be acceptable to God, and perhaps be given the gift of faith.

It doesn't make a spash because it's not an attack on God, which the God delusion was, as ridiculous as it is.