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There where a lot of topics that they covered that really made me think. I really do not know much about Atheists besides for the fact that they do not believe in God. So when he started talking about liking certain aspects of religion I was confused. The more I listen to the show the better grasp I was able to obtain on what and how he viewed Atheists. Botton stated that people tend to flock back to religion when dealing with death and marrying. At first when I heard this statement I didn't really believe it. Why would he think that people only find faith in these situations, but then I really thought about it. I applied it to my own life. There has been several situations that I can remember with my friends or family members praying when someone dies close to them or when dealing with their own relationships in love. Some of these people are not very religious at all. As a matter of fact I can say that some I have never even heard mention religion before except when they are going through something or really want something positive to happen to them. Botton believes that people tend to flock back to religion during this time because they are the ones that know how to do it. This is a reason why he created that school to help teach these things that we do not already know and so that you do not have to feel the pressure of religion. Overall, I think that this is a good concept. I'm sure that there are several people who do need help with certain situations, but do not necessary want to commit to a certain faith. Options like this would not make them choose, but still help them out with the knowledge needed for what they are dealing with.

What I did not fully understand was that statement that Botton made about Atheists understanding themselves better by understanding religious people and what they need to address. I think he means that if Atheists took the time to learn about what religious people believe that they could find that some of it will be useful to them. Therefore, helping them better understand their own beliefs. If so, I'm not sure I understand. If Atheists do not believe in a higher power then wouldn't they just be closed minded to everything dealing with religion and a higher power. Because Botton is an exception to most Atheists and others who share his beliefs believe that what he is doing is wrong too. So as they are learning about these other religions where would they go? I don't think that having them going around groups of believers would be a good idea. I would think that this is super risky and a lot of people would get offended if the situation was not treated with care. I say this because if they are going into the situation closed minded then they are most likely not caring about what and how they say things to others. I can fully understand asking questions, but for some reason I just picture the entire experience as being negative and both sides trying to tell the other that what they believe is wrong.