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After seeing Alain's TED video (Atheism 2.0) and buying his book "Religion for Atheists" several months ago, I started a brief correspondence with him. Beyond expressing appreciation for his work, my main purpose was to learn if he knew anything about Unitarian Universalism - a non-creedal liberal religion with a world-wide presence. To my surprise, he had never heard of it (even though, as I informed him, the Unitarian faith in America was largely due to the inspiration of Joseph Priestly, the renowned scientist/theologian who migrated here from England in the early 1800s). Then, in several further exchanges, I sent him links to information sources on the UU movement; my hope is that he will then incorporate knowledge of a vibrant religious option to pure secularism - or to the dogmatic faith traditions that he (and I) find irrelvant in a reality-based life.