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I was very interested in hearing about this show with Alain de Botton. His reflections on living a life that celebrates ritual, wisdom, ethics, goodness, truth and beauty, but does not necessarily endorse a belief in God reminded me of my own upbringing in a Unitarian-Universalist church in southern California. Most of the members of the congregation were atheist. We celebrated just about everything EXCEPT Jesus and God. I learned a lot about tolerating other points of view and being a respectful listener, but alas, at the age of seventeen, I had an unexpected encounter with the living Christ, so I left the Unitarian-Universalist church and struck out on my own to determine for myself how I might relate to this God who seemed to be interested in me. Since that time I have wandered through many traditions, but find my home in the Christ who befriended me and loved me before I even knew how to love myself. This experience was not an acceptance of belief. I did not reason it out. It happened to me. I often wonder why it seems to happen to some people and not to others. Anyway, I loved the show! Thanks!
Francyl Gawryn