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As Mr. De Botton described the classes at his school, the use of sacred music, and sermons I thought, "He is describing my Unitarian Universalist congregation. We have UUs that identify as Christians, atheists, Buddhists, agnostics, Taoist, and pagans in our pews. It reminds me of a scene from the original movie TRON. After the final battle, all the communication towers are back online and, instead of a single beam heading up to the sky, there are hundreds. Some beam towards a god and some don't.

As a former Episcopalian, I got chills hearing Je­ru­sa­lem sung during the show. I do find greater depths of meaning with new words added to the hymns of my youth. Sometimes in our hymnal we have a choice of words. In Amazing Grace I can sing either "..saved a wretch like me." or "...saved a soul like me." Some days I feel like a wretch, some days like a soul.