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during your broadcast i was appalled at how someone such as yourself , who hosts a show on religious beliefs and theology, does not even understand the definition of atheism. you said to your guest, "your atheism is a conviction though..." Wrong! it is simply a response to a claim made that is not supported by any evidence whatsoever. same thing for unicorns, i don't have any convictions one way or the other towards unicorns , i simply don t believe they exist, exactly the same way atheism refers to claims that a supernatural being created the universe. I am not surprised by your bias, scott simon the host of another show on npr that is boycotted by many due to his program's biased religious content, also disgustingly imposes his views into his commentary on public radio. Quite disgraceful indeed, and furthermore it was reprehensible the way he defamed the name of Christopher Hitchens during his segment on Elizabeth Edwards passing due to cancer. Utterly vile. I know npr gets funding from relgious organizations but to have these donations influence the content of public radio is an outrage and bankrupt of any shred of integrity.