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Thanks for another great guest and interview.

As I listened to the int'w with Alain de Botton, his ideas reminded me very much of my experience of modern Unitarian Universalism, which is non-creedal and where services include music, "sermons," and other ritual. The overlap is not complete, but I wouldn't be surprised if a sizable proportion of sermons from the two sources would be quite similar.

At the same time, I was reminded generally too of Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi's ideas represented in "The Evolving Self"; the sermon excerpt in your blog post is a one example of the latter, which I suspect is less likely to be a part of a UU sermon. I especially like the way that Csikzentmihalyi's ideas are rooted in this type of scientific knowledge as it relates to living a constructive and meaningful human life. In fact, it was this book that enabled me at last to gain some "traction" regarding why the meditation that Jon Kabat Zinn presented on your program is worth the struggle of developing.

More than once, I've thought that Csikszentmihalyi would be a great guest for your program, based especially on "The Evolving Self."

Finally, I related to de Botton's comment about choosing the identity of "atheist" vs. "agnostic" based on clearness of not feeling that there is a divinity and found it helpful to hear him put it into those simple words. That's an aspect of the value that your program offers me. Keep on keepin' on.

Karen G.