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neuroscientists don't understand the heart.
in his button metaphor this man says, almost as an aside,
"we no longer have the emotional networks in there" - so easy to
drop out "the emotional networks." I would assign a neuroscientist
to the following exercise, learn to sit quietly and "drop out" your
left brain ego mind. Take it right off line. Then, when you learn to do that,
you'll experience the consciousness, awareness and awakeness that presumably
arises from the right brain, medula + entire spine and body. It's a consciousness and
awareness that does not arise from the mind. You're wide awake, and your left brain ego mind
is quietly (we hope) sitting over in the corner behaving itself. Neuroscientists do not believe
that the heart has a mind of its own. Such metaphors don't work for them.
They just need to do a more personal, more intense and unverifiable type of research,
called meditation. namaste