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I think this is an extraordinary and important conversation. That is why I’m responding. This is what I heard:

Humility: ‘something you do, not who you are‘. There’s a bit of a difference
‘For me to be right you still have to be wrong. My beliefs are limited in their ability to include complexity.’
Like the advertisers, ‘everything is perception, that’s where we blew it’.
'I’m willing to listen to the world, I’m not willing to be vulnerable yet’.
My theology and my relationship to the Man may be synonymous.
That Said: FOCUS ON THE FAMILY has a very different ring to it than it did an hour ago.

Last thought. I don’t feel that Habitat for Humanity is telling me how to build a house or even that I should be building one. They’re busy building houses. Your work with adoption agencies reflects ’just building houses’ . Now if you can find a way to keep quiet about abortion. It is as vulnerable an area for many people on both sides as it is for you.