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I greatly appreciated the tone of this conversation. However, I was also disturbed by the extent to which the political rhetoric slides in. For example, when asked about taxes and the role of government in supporting the poor and hungry, the phrase "redistribution of wealth," was evoked, as if the tax rate was somehow set by divine institution to benefit the wealthy, rather than needing to respond to social and political realities and that the goal of society, at least for many of us, is to live in a society that is compassionate. These men (where are the women?), leaders of financially successful businesses, did not evoke any of Jesus' teachings on wealth, money, or care for children, the poor, or the hungry. And evoking the church as an institution of care is good, we should all do our part, but so sadly short-sighted in terms of the extent of social needs and what economic factors can create a healthier society.