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I wanted to keep an open mind, but found midway through that I wasn't able to even listen any more. I didn't hear respect, or spirituality, I heard boasting ("I was with a Supreme Court Justice," "I was in Washington, DC"..etc), I heard entitlement: "I told him I wanted him to meet with a big panel of evangelical ministers to answer our questions about Islam," I heard unctuous and phony "He has a great heart." Ack. I heard very little that was actually respectful of people who don't share their belief systems. While their work on adoptions is certainly laudable, there was no acknowledgement of their support for politicians who would dismantle what is left of the safety net in this country - leaving children and families homeless and hungry. There's also no acknowledgement of the fact that they really do want to force their narrow religious views on the nation. I also didn't hear anything about women - no strong women's voices, no mention of meeting with Important Women, the way Daly continued to allude to meetings with Important Men.

Maybe I'm not ready for their conversation - but I don't think they are, either. I heard very little spiritual, and a lot of clever spin aimed at whitewashing a tainted organization. Hucksters.