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A wonderful show. The working together of Catholics and Evangelicals has been going on for a number of decades now. In the Catholic Church, it looks so serious in our culture, that our approach, in addition to what our Evangelical brothers spoke of, is Adoration, Jesus in Person. This works very well with young people, who come away with the personal relationship with Jesus that the Evangelicals rightly promote so strongly.

A few notes. The Church, including the Catholic Church, did the adoptions, etc., and still do in society. But the health care mandate threatens to close down these services to the poor. One has to recognize that the administration is at war with the Catholic Church. I don't regard the president as a Protestant, he is not a man of faith at all, of any kind.

From a Catholic point of view, there are five non-negotiables: abortion, same-sex marriage, restriction of religious liberty, euthanasia, and embryonic stem cell research (in no particular order). If a candidate supports any of these, a Catholic can not vote for that candidate, unless the other candidate is worse on these. President Obama supports four of these five things, and he just hasn't had the chance yet to support euthanasia, but he will.

The Holy Father has a high-level Muslim-Catholic dialog that began after his true but explosive talk at Regensburg in 2006. He has encouraged each diocese to have a Muslim-Catholic dialogue, it just started in the Archdiocese of New York.

The emphasis on interpersonal interaction is well placed and the way to go. But one finds that often the 'enemies' of the Church don't want to dialog. We all will keep trying.