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Krista, you are to be commended for your thoughtful, well-prepared (and, I would expect, well-prayed) approach to all of your interviews. I listen to On Being virtually every Sunday morning as I am preparing to preach. This interview was no exception to your usual excellent conversations. Refreshing, inviting approach here from both gentlemen. It was helpful to hear of "Q" -- I was not aware of this conversation option, and am grateful to learn of this resource. I have already visited the website. It was also refreshing to hear Mr. Daly's views on the current role of FOTF. I have long appreciated Dr. Dobson, his passion for Christ, his forthright stand for Biblical values regarding families in general and the unborn in particular, and his work through FOTF. I believe God raised him up in a time where such firmness and commitment were desparately needed. I also believe that God can use just as strongly this newer voice that is so attuned to our current social climate. Thanks to all who brought this conversation to us. It was well worth the time to listen to the entire, unedited format.