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Great interview. Sorry it took two months to get around to listening.
I listened to the unedited interview. I always find them more interesting.
In the interview that was no reproduced for the show, Dr. Sternberg speaks about stress response. I encounter a lot of stress in my work, both on an analytical level and on a interpersonal one. Several questions came to mind that I'll share.
1. I'm interested in the social dimension of healing, and in particular the social dimension within organization and institutional structures? I get the structural component and how it affects us at the sensory level. I'm interested in research that addresses social interactivity.
2. Self-confidence seems to be an aspect of the capacity to handle stress positively. Has there been research done on confidence as a psycho-neuro memory of past positive stress responses?
3. I'm interested in healing, and in particular people who have a gift for imparting healing. I see them as catalysts in a context of, shall I say, psycho-neuro connections that exist in human relationships. For example, does a person who is peaceful, or as Edwin Friedman describe the effective leaders of religious congregations as an "unanxious presence", foster a social environment where their positive stress responses are become a shared experience between people, that the social environment and by extension the organizational environment change to have a more positive stress response corporately?
These are the questions I have. Thank you.