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As an architect and planning consultant, I find Dr. Sternberg's and your program's interest in these issues of environmental design and human wellness critically important to our human present and future well-being and our very survival. Thank you ! I have found as I've worked to survive in the professional and business world within which we designers must practice, that our culture does not recognize or understand what design-oriented architects know and understand about our well-being and the design of our environments. I was trained and have 40 yrs of experience in understanding how the environment affects us and how we can positively affect the environment which in turn benefits our well-being; not every architect is tuned in nor trained in this. Many are taught like engineers to build things without much appreciation of the impact those things have on all of us. My professors used to tell us, "Unfortunately, today architects can build almost anything, so it is all the more important that we should ask ourselves "What should we build here; what ought to be built here?" rather than just deciding to build something we might think would be "neat" just because we are able. This was a cal for a form of contemplation and reflection about planning and design that our current culture does not encourage in the rush to "get things done." I hope Dr. Sternberg's findings will reach those non-architect, non-designer "business-oriented" and "business-financially justified" decision-makers whose choices allow or do not allow architects and planners to help us determine what we really SHOULD build. Thank you ! I hope you will do more with this topic of design of our environments and our health and well-being.