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About 10 years ago I read an email story that relates to today's program. I have not been able to relocate it so I am not able to give credit to the author. It may have been anonymous as well. It made such a powerful impact upon me that I have never forgotten it.

There were two hospital patients sharing a recovery room. One was next to the window and the other was not. Bob was by the window and as a caring, giving soul, he described to Sam, the man without a window, the beautiful each day. He described the trees, a rainbow, and one day a parade and group of children playing in a park. Same was a hostile and angry soul. He began to seethe about Bob having the window. He thought of nothing else but getting that window bed. Finally one night in a self-induced fit of rage, he suffocated Bob with a pillow. Then, he looked out the window and saw only a brick wall. He was overcome by the horror of his act and the disbelief that Bob had been lying to him all these weeks. Bob had never told Sam that he was blind. He was just trying to make the stay in the room better for both of them.