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I chose to listen to The Science Of Healing..... and I LOVED it. She starts out taking about a study they did a clinical study and took clinical data. It was well controlled They took patients in recovery and put them into a setting with brick walls, barely any window to look out of, and then they took the other patients into a room with windows out looking a nice scenery, stain glass windows, lots of light and really colorful. They found that those patients felt more alive had less neg. complaints,orderes fewer pain meds and were dicharged weeks earlier than the other half.

She talked about scientific basis of the mind-body connection. How the brain helps us heal both emotionally and physically, and how we can each personally take control of our own health. They said in the interview that people who feel alive respond in more of an appropriate manner. Like Disney/Amusement parks when you go on a ride you feel that sort of "zing" and it gives you energy like a stress reliever, and then people love that and thrive on it, looking to go back for more. They did also mention which I thought was cool, the St.Paul cathedral church, how an architect Christoper R. designed it in a great manner, very beatiful.

So, what comes to my mind about the clinical study is my work. We've talked about getting it totally maken over. Adding some bright vibrant colors to it, and make it more appealing to the eye, it is a pediatric clinic. I know that in some clinics they like to stick with more settled colors like a fairview or allina or what not. And I understand because colors and settings can mess with different minds and long term illnesses. But our work is a Pediatric clinic only and kids come in and boy do you have to try and make them happy and accept the setting in the first place. I take into concideration, Childrens Hospitals and Clinics, have you ever walked into one? They are amazing. They are always up to date on colors, seating, space, everything. I could see how a child would walk in there and right away turn positive in that kind of setting. Now mind you it is not a cure, but it could help the healing process when you are dealing with an illness, or even a terminal illness maybe it could help over look that and make a kid live longer. Without windows or scenery of the outside, one could become really depressed. Look at a prison, all there things/life are stripped away from them. And thats it, no hope for anything more. Even the mental institutions full of brick windows... wouldn't that be kind of shitty? Of coarse they get even more crazy just being in there. But yes your environment can cause major anxiety or depression and you are the one that has got to control that.