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I think one reason people don't often discuss what happens after an abortion is that it's uncomfortable to admit that many women's primary emotion is not regret, but relief. If a woman has an abortion, she should at least have the decency to feel terrible about it for the rest of her life, right? Yet this is not the case for the vast majority of women I know who have been through this complex, emotional, and exquisitely private experience. Regret that circumstances led to the need to make a decision – yes. Regret for doing what was right for her at the time – no. I do agree that more talking about it would be a good thing, regardless of how each person feels. The experience of abortion can evoke a huge range of possible emotions, including regret, anger, grief, relief, gratitude, hope, happiness, and many others – none of them mutually exclusive. Podcasts like this may help make those conversations easier. I hope so!