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After listening to the show, I was concerned by the holes in this nonetheless admirable conversation, that I listened to the unedited version. That was a bit more reassuring. Ms. Kissling's discussion about the pain of abortion (before, after and during), her mention of the broader issues of killing including capital punishments, etc. I would strongly urge a second show with some of the cut sections which are hugely important and respond to some of the comments people have posted. I did note that Mr. Gushee did not include abolishment of the death penalty in his discussion of the absolute sanctity of life nor a discussion of war. His position does not hold much water without these. Ms. Kissling acknowledged these tensions and I was grateful for that.
It is also very difficult to divorce the subject of abortion from political and economic discussions. Who is going to provide healthcare, education, and life-long care and support for those disabled fetuses that according to Mr Gushee have an absolute right to life?
Thanks to all for this compelling conversation- one I hope is just the first but not the last.