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Pro-Life, Pro-Choice

Before available birth control unwanted pregnancies could result in babies being given to programs, such as existed when I was growing up, St. Mary's Home for unwed mothers. Many such program exists today.

The nature of forced marriage in unwanted pregnancy situations is not as prevalant as in past years, in fact most single "mothers" have one or two children and remain unmarrried.

What is disturbing in the "pro-life" "pro-choice' debate is the alarming use of abortion by women who have birth control available to them, fail to use it, and who then resort to abortions.

The examples of other women, with less choice, poverty level economic circumstance, and rape is predominately used to advance a pro abortion platform. Research on these uses of abortion don't support the more better off women relying in abortion as birth control. I could be wrong and supported research could be limited and outdated?

Abortion will always be a dividing issue, but the trends and uses of it should be presented in any discussion.