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I've had an awful illegal abortion pre Roe V Wade.. No one should go through that. Why haven't you even spoken on the harm to women's bodies by illegal abortion? I agree with David Foster Wallace. I'm pro life and pro choice. It's wrong and I'm for it 100%. In the seventies, when feminism began, women would angry with me for telling them i felt guilt. I'd do it again. The man proposed to me, not really wanting to. I turned him down, not wanting to marry or have a child. Frankly, I wouldn't want a child to grow up in a fundamentalist family. Christian, Jewish, or Muslim. I was raised a third generation atheist, though I prefer my grandfather's term, "free thinker". I'm also a mystic. not only should contraception be taught but condoms should be free in boy's and girl's restrooms, where no one can see them pick them up. Often people have a hard time imagining their daughters having sex. Once I sent a box of condoms to a friend's child was to be visited by her Facebook boyfriend. With illustrations on how to double bag and leave room at the front of the penis. A week later the girl's mother called to say they'd asked for another box. My mother, a liberal, taught me how to have children, but not how not to. She was jealous of my freedom as a good looking young woman. When my brother left for college, she fiiled his closet with Kotex, saying, "That will last until you get pregnant and married." A curse I overcame with an abortion. There's a correlation between alcoholic mothers and pregnant teen daughter. Among other impacts of alcoholism on children of alcoholic. If I described my abortion you'd throw up. (And I'd already met his Catholic family with eight children, one having had two kids out of marriage, given away.) Pro Life people, especially men it seems, don't realize how cruel they are. Some "pro life" women and men would say, "She deserved her suffering." Interview someone who has had an illegal abortion. I've written a piece on mine. Am trying to decide where to send it. If you have any ideas please email me.