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I am a pro-life democrat (there are many of us but we are largely quiet about it). I am also a Christian. I would like to see this discussion material made available to more college campuses, perhaps in critical thinking classes or reading materials. There is so much political correctness, polarizing debate without the openness we saw here. The discussion could be expanded to include support for women after they've had an abortion, and not minimizing the traumatic effects it has for a great many women. The discussion could also include the expanded adoption world now, with more choices and supports offered. I think both sides were presented in an open way and I would like to see this continue. To those who are bothered by the notion that a pro-abortion person could have doubts about her side's black and white view of it, or that the pro-life voice here is calling for more sex education and contraception: only respectful dialogue, validating some of the views of the other side (without necessarily agreeing to them) will lead to less abortions and better lives for women and their unborn or born children. Lighten up, people!
The people who feel as I do may be getting their kids ready for church, and perhaps do not usually listen to NPR talk shows. I do not represent the typical demographic of an NPR devotee. If my comments upset anyone, consider listening to the show again. It is an example of effective dialogue. but I would like to see more coverage of the atmosphere on university campuses (what could be done to help students see the gray areas). And what about parental notification? I have to give permission for my teenager's school to administer cough syrup or tylenol for cramps, but not for something as life-altering as an abortion? "A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still...." I live in an area where the most vocal, default position is staunchly, unequivocally pro-abortion. Thanks for giving us all things to think about, and for showing me that NPR does not assume that ALL of their listeners are of the same mindset.