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David Gushee's,"We are becoming dumber as a society...civilizational significance" didn't say what I have been feeling since I listened this morning. I think what I have been feeling is not less intelligence but less virtue, less striving for wisdom, less appreciation for wisdom, happiness and virtue. When were these given as the real reason for spending money on an education? Money has become our god. We need to ponder the fate of Midas.
It seems we have more abused children, more abused women, more economic slavery, more suicides, more mental illness, more abuse of natural resources than ever before, more expensive but poorer health care, poorer education and the Ogllala aquifer on its last twenty years. Making abortion illegal will only compound the problems.
I had a very wise and loving old uncle who never seemed to have a bad day or thought, who in his very alert ninties almost knocked me off my chair when he declared, "Only after half the people starve to death will the rest come to their senses." That sentence has been haunting me ever since. We are in desperate times. When will virile mean virtuous? When will virtue become valued? When will we become aware that happiness takes its life from virtue?