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Posing this as a legal thing is unhelpful and posing it as related to women's bodily autonomy is unhelpful. I have to do things with my body that I don't want to do, and I luckily don't have to struggle with killing a being or prebeing. Why does absolute autonomy have to be maintained in this question but exists in no other sphere? I can't drive through red lights because it endangers others. I can't kill other people if i thought it'd be in my best interest for the rest of my life, like killing abusive partners. Why is abortion different? Let's say we agree 12 weeks is the cutoff. Why would abortion prohibited after this point be any more threatening to women's autonomy than prohibiting homicide in general would be to either gender's autonomy?

It's a moral and social question. The legality is transient, like the voting rights act ruling.